Day Date KO Venue Cup Age Teams Teams
Sun 22-Apr 09:30 Carshalton Athletic Africa 10 SCR Colts Yellows V Raynes Park Vale Yellows
Sun 22-Apr 11:00 Carshalton Athletic America 10 Esher Wizards Blues V Walton Casuals Hounds
Sun 22-Apr 09:30 Carshalton Athletic Asia 10 Woking Cougars Blues V St Helier
Sun 22-Apr 11:00 Carshalton Athletic Euro 10 Mayford Athletic Tigers V Sheen Lions Pride
Sun 22-Apr 10:00 Leatherhead Bale 11 Raynes Park Vale Yellows V Ruts Youth Yellows
Sun 22-Apr 12:00 Leatherhead Messi 11 Leatherhead Youth V Spelthorne Sports Skys
Sun 22-Apr 10:00 Leatherhead Neymar 11 Ruts Youth Blues V Woking Cougars Colts
Sun 22-Apr 12:00 Leatherhead Ronaldo 11 Roehampton Rangers V Westside Colts
Sun 22-Apr 12:00 Manorcroft Utd Invitation 12 SCR Colts Yellows V Mitcham Park Stripes
Sun 22-Apr 10:00 Manorcroft Utd League 12 Oxshott Royals Athletic V Sutton United
Sun 29-Apr 10:00 Carshalton Invitation 13 Whitton Wanderers Panthers V Lyne Youth
Sun 29-Apr 12:00 Carshalton League 13 Cove Youth Tigers V Staines Town Juniors
Sun 13-May 10:00 Carshalton Invitation 14 Raynes Park Vale Reds V Mitcham Park Stripes
Sun 13-May 12:00 Carshalton League 14 Farnham Town Reds V Farnham Town Blues
Sun 29-Apr 10:00 Imber Court Invitation 15 Doverhouse Lions Youth V Sandgate Colts
Sun 06-May 10:00 Imber Court League 15 Wandgas Youth V Camberley Town Youth
Sun 06-May 12:00 Imber Court Invitation 16 Doverhouse Lions Blues V SCR Colts Yellows
Sun 06-May 14:00 Imber Court League 16 Leatherhead Colts or Cobham V Sutton United Colts
Sun 29-Apr 12:00 Imber Court Invitation 18 Elm Grove Tornado’s V Teddington Athletic
Sun 29-Apr 14:00 Imber Court League 18 Raynes Park Vale Youth V Elm Grove Colts Rhino’s


FA Respect awards given to the Surrey youth league