Surrey Youth League

Are proud to announce the venues for the 2013 Cup Finals

Carshalton Ath FC
War Memorial Sports Ground Colston Avenue, Carshalton Surrey. SM5 2PW
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Westfield FC
Elmbridge Lane, Kingfield,Woking, Surrey, GU22 9AE
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Ashford Town FC
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The SYL are very grateful to the above for use of their facilities

Entry will be by programme only 

Every player taking part in this seasons cup finals will received a trophy (up to 16 for 11-asside

Extra Trophies can be ordered here

This seasons trophies

SYL trophies

Sunday 21/04/20139.30Carshalton AthleticU9 Inv CupThe Lomax Family CupCorinthian Casuals2 – 3

 Manorcroft Utd Juniors

Sunday 21/04/201311.15Carshalton AthleticU9 League CupThe Ken Ellis CupStaines Albion0-0*pen

 Farnham Town Reds

Sunday 21/04/20139.30Carshalton AthleticU10 Inv CupThe Nash Family CupKew Park Rangers Blues1 – 2

 Whitton Wanderers Youth

Sunday 21/04/201311.15Carshalton AthleticU10 League CupThe Pamela Lomax CupHampton Youth HRBFC0-0*pen

 Esher Wizards

Sunday 28/04/201312.00Carshalton AthleticU11 Inv CupArthur Hall cupRocks Lane Rovers*pen0-0

 Whitton Wanderers Youth

Sunday 05/05/201310.00Carshalton AthleticU11 League CupThe Workman Family CupEsher Wizards


Sunday 28/04/201310.00Carshalton AthleticU12 Inv CupThe Ken Ellis Family CupKingswood Falcons Colts2 – 1

 Claygate Royals Swans

Sunday 12/05/201311.00Woking CollegeU12 League CupThe Stanton CupKings Park Royals

 Fleet Town Colts Youth

Sunday 28/04/201314.15Ashford TownU13 Inv CupThe AFC Wimbledon CupMolesey Juniors Colts0 – 4

 Whitton Wanderers Youth

Sunday 28/04/201312:30Ashford TownU13 League CupThe Bartlett CupEsher Wizards2-2* pen

 Brockham Badgers

Sunday 21/04/201310.00WestfieldU14 Inv CupThe Graham Ekins CupKew Association Youth2 – 1

 Kingswood Falcons

Sunday 28/04/201310:00Ashford TownU14 League CupThe Charlie Proudfoot Memorial CupSouth Park1 – 2

 Roehampton Rangers

Sunday 21/04/201312:30Ashford TownU15 Inv CupThe Wright Family CupHanworth Sports Whites2 – 3


Sunday 28/04/201312.15WestfieldU15 League CupThe Deverill CupGuildford Saints1 – 0

 Shelton Athletic

Sunday 21/04/201310:00Ashford TownU16 Inv CupThe Mike Cooper CupKew Association Youth1- 2aet

 Brockham Badgers

Sunday 28/04/201310.00WestfieldU16 League CupThe Ray Tester Memorial CupLeatherhead Youth

 Sheen Lions

Sunday 21/04/201312.30WestfieldU18 League CupThe Cotter Family CupOxshott Royals Premier0 – 3

 Woking FC

FA Respect awards given to the Surrey youth league