Result Card Submission and Club Secretary Advice

We utilise a Football Administration Service system called Prawn Sandwich to carry out all the administration for our League relating to Club Staff Data, Players Data, along with Results, Fixtures and Tables. The following is a set of advice and guidance.


  1. This Season Result cards must be entered into the system on the day of the match taking place. The deadline for Sunday matches will be midnight on the day of the the game.
  2. For submission of match day result cards, please enter the system via the league web site – you will find a button on the site that says Results and Tables, under this there is a link to Submit Result Card. Click this and you will be taken to the Prawn Sandwich log on page for Team Managers.
  3. Enter your username and password; your Club Secretary will supply this to you. On successful log on, in the middle of the page will be a headline that says: – DUE MATCH RETURN CARDS – Click on the match and a match return card will be presented that will ask you to fill in with Scores, Sportsmanship Questions, Referees, Tick Players that played and Goal Scorers. Enter all data and click submit.
  4. If the game is postponed you must still submit a card with the reason why, this is a button at the bottom of the match day card, click and follow the instructions.
  5. If there is no match day return card visible, contact your age group fixture secretary.
  6. If you cannot log on, contact your club secretary.
  7. If you cannot see a player in your list who played, urgently contact your club secretary to work with the league on the problem, there could be several reasons.
  8. Look around the system for all of your fixtures, results, opposition contact details, and where the opposition ground is. This service has lots of information.

Click Here to Download Managers Instructions to complete a Match Card.


  1. Many of you are already well versed in submitting the data for team details etc. If contact details change during the season, please amend, there is no need to inform the league unless it is a change of person, manager, secretary etc.
  2. DO NOT make any attempt to transfer players etc on the system, this will be completely handled by the league registration secretary, however DO add new players that are not being transferred and follow the normal process described in the handbook for forms and payments.
  3. DO keep a list of passwords and usernames of your managers.
  4. DO log on and click the Prawn Sandwich admin button, once a week to check for any fines you may have and follow the procedures associated.
  5. DO encourage people to log on via the Surrey Youth League web site. That way you will see important / latest news and messages about league matters.
  6. DO NOT contact Prawn Sandwich directly, please ask appropriate league officers for help on any matters.