The following has just been announced by the FA – 13/08/22



An Update On Player Registration
Firstly we want to acknowledge and apologise for the challenges that you and colleagues may have faced in recent weeks with registering players for the 2021/22 season. Whilst for the majority our new system is proving to be faster and more stable, we know that for a proportion of our customers there have unfortunately been issues that have prevented registrations happening. Please rest assured that The FA’s Digital Technology and Grassroots divisions are working flat out and doing everything within our power to find resolutions to these issues.

We have been working hard to replace the player registration functionality that our legacy Whole Game System has previously provided, knowing that this no longer has the capacity, speed or functionality to meet the current needs across the game. There was a robust process to scope, design and build the new player registration approach, which is currently supporting up to 35,000 registrations a day, but there have been some underlying technical challenges.

We have made progress resolving two key issues. One related to some users facing an issue where the system is not correctly recognising that a parent/carer is linked to a player. We’ve resolved bugs related to incorrect error messages and the system flagging missing data that is actually available. We are working on the remaining ones. The other was with the page freezing when adding a new photo, which is now fixed. Our teams are continuing to work round the clock to fix issues.

We share your frustrations that the new system has not yet performed as we’d all hoped and planned, and thank our critical grassroots workforce and volunteers across the game for their continued patience. We’ll continue doing all we can to address these technical issues as immediately as possible, whilst keeping you updated on our progress.

Daniel Goodacre
FA Head of Strategy & Business Services
Grassroots Division
Jon Pollard
FA Head of Product Management
Digital Technology Division
FA Respect awards given to the Surrey youth league