Transfers are now closed for the season

The deadline for transfers for this season is 29th Feb

The last day for Registrations is March 31st


There still seems to be some confusion with the transfer process

If a player has registered for a team in the SYL during the current season and he wishes to join another team in the SYL the player needs to be transferred, when he has been de-registered or not, this includes players that were registered for teams that have withdrawn.

It is the club’s responsibility to ensure that any new players that join their club have not already been registered in the SYL.

If a player is still registered for another club and he plays for you, the penalties are,  fines and the possible deduction of points, so it is always best to do your due diligence before you sign a new player.

If you wish to transfer a player from another club, please download the Transfer form from

fill it in and email to

DO NOTHING ON PRAWNSANDWICH, everything is completed by the Registration Secretary.


If you wish to transfer a player within your club this can be achieved via an email to stating

Name    /             Reg Number      /             Team  transferring from               / Team transferring to

Again do not do anything on Prawnsandwich


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