Below are a number of tips to smooth the registration process and reduce the amout of photos that will get rejected



The photo must be recent (taken within the last 6 months)

The photo needs to be square – The system will compress the picture into the space provided, if your photo is not square you will either end up with a squashed or stretched face.

Please Crop the photo before you upload – Most Phones these days will take a good quality photo, so cropping the head and shoulders will not reduce the quality

A close-up of the player’s head only with the player facing forwards looking straight towards the camera – If it isn’t a close up then the picture will be too small on the ID cards/Team sheet.

If your original picture is too small in terms of quality then increasing the size will not work

The head needs to be at least 75% of the photo

Photo of the player on their own – A picture of the player with their dog, might look cute but it does not look very good on an ID card/Team sheet

Make sure the picture is portrait – If not rotate it before uploading, what you see on the screen is what will come out on the ID card/Team sheet

Taking a photo of another photo is never going to give you a high quality Photo, it will more than likel end up blurry and get rejected

If you are scanning a photo, make sure you use the maximum DPI available

Make sure your photo fills the entire frame, if it doesn’t you will end up with a white boarder


For examples of what is acceptable and what isn’t click here


SYL Registration Secretary