Metropolitan Police FC, Imber Court, Ember Lane, East Molesey KT8 0BT

in the Surrey Suite

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Please ensure you arrive 30 minutes before your session starts.

Winners and Runners Up will receive 13 trophies for 9 a-side and 16 for 11 a-side. If any extras are required then they must be ordered using the link Click here

Deadline for ordering trophies for a guaranteed delivery to presentation is Monday 15th May 2017.

Teams must attend with at least 7 players for 9v9  and at least 8 players for 11 a-side to enable them to receive trophies, if they do not have these numbers they will not be able receive trophies on the day.

Under 16 and Under 18 are not presented at the League Presentation – they can be collected anytime during presentation day or at the SYL AGM

If you have any queries then please email

Under 12
U12 Premier Elite
WinnersSutton United
Runners UpCove Youth Tigers
U12 Premier
WinnersG4G Whites
Runners UpChipstead Youth Whites
U12 Championship
WinnersEsher Wizards Whites
Runners UpRoehampton Rangers
U12 Super
WinnersGoldsworth Park Rangers Lions
Runners UpRedhill Youth Athletic
U12 Conference
WinnersMeadow Sports
Runners UpKew Park Rangers Blues
U12 Division 1
WinnersFarncombe Youth Hawks
Runners UpWestside
Under 12/13
U12 Division 2
WinnersMet Police Youth Reds
Runners UpBedfont & Feltham Youth
U12 Division 3
WinnersEsher Wizards Blues
Runners UpMitcham Park Colts
U12 Division 4
WinnersHampton Rangers Juniors
Runners UpKingstonian Youth Colts
U13 Division 2
WinnersHampton Rangers Juniors
Runners UpEpsom Town Youth
U13 Division 3
WinnersKingstonian Youth Colts
Runners UpWhitton Wanderers Eagles
U13 Division 4
WinnersDoverhouse Lions Pinks
Runners UpBarnes Eagles Juniors
Under 13
12 Midday
U13 Premier Elite
WinnersFarnham Town Reds
Runners UpAshford Town Albion
U13 Premier
WinnersBracknell Town Youth Reds
Runners UpClaygate Royals Swans
U13 Championship
WinnersGuildford Saints
Runners UpGoldsworth Park Rangers Youth
U13 Super
WinnersDoverhouse Lions Blues
Runners UpFC Sunbury Colts
U13 Conference
WinnersAFC Walcountians Blues
Runners UpBedfont Eagles
U13 Division 1
WinnersMitcham Park Stripes
Runners UpElm Grove Colts
Under 14/15
U14 Division 1
WinnersBedfont & Feltham Yth
Runners UpElm Grove Eagles
U14 Division 2
WinnersSandgate Colts
Runners UpAbbey Rangers
U14 Division 3
WinnersAC Fulham
Runners UpMerton
U14 Division 4
WinnersKew Park Rangers Scarlets
Runners UpKew Park Rangers Blues
U15 Super
WinnersThree Bridges
Runners UpMeadow Sports
U15 Division 1
WinnersKingstonian Youth Colts
Runners UpBedfont Eagles
U15 Division 2
WinnersAshford Town
Runners UpAFC West End
Under 14/15
U14 Premier Elite
WinnersCamberley Town Youth
Runners UpLeatherhead Youth
U14 Premier
WinnersWhitton Wanderers Youth
Runners UpCarshalton Athletic Blues
U14 Championship
WinnersMeadow Sports
Runners UpSheen Lions
U14 Super
WinnersChipstead Youth White
Runners UpLeatherhead Colts
U15 Premier Elite
WinnersEsher Wizards
Runners UpSutton United
U15 Premier
WinnersKingstonian Youth Eagles
Runners UpKingstonian Youth Royals
U15 Championship
WinnersBedfont Eagles Sports
Runners UpOld Isleworthians Yth Whites
Under 16 and Under 18 are not presented on stage at the League Presentation
They can be collected anytime during presentation day or at the SYL AGM
Under 16
U16 Premier Elite
WinnersCrookham Rovers Youth
Runners UpSutton United Youth
U16 Premier
WinnersMet Police Youth Blues
Runners UpCB Hounslow Utd Blues
U16 Championship
Runners UpCamberley Town Youth
U16 Super
WinnersThree Bridges
Runners UpCorinthian-Casuals Youth
U16 Division 1
WinnersKingston Town Eagles
Runners UpSpelthorne Sports Sky
U16 Division 2
WinnersCB Hounslow Utd Whites
Runners UpSandgate Youth
Under 18
U18 Premier Elite
WinnersNPL Youth
Runners UpManorcroft Utd Juniors
U18 Premier
WinnersChipstead Youth
Runners Up/JointWalton Casuals Youth
Runners Up/JointWandgas Youth Colts
U18 Division 1
WinnersMayford Athletic Wanderers
Runners UpSCR Colts Yellows
U18 Division 2
WinnersAFC Walcountians
Runners UpHalliford Colts




FA Respect awards given to the Surrey youth league