Now that we are a couple weeks in and things are up and running, we’ve encountered a few bumps in the road!!!
Let’s straighten out the bumps and make this a smooth drive for our children. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day!!!

These are split into four 10 minute games – These can be viewed as Four Mini Matches
If the result is silly in the first 10 minutes, get together with the manager and work out how you can make the 2nd 10 minutes more challenging and so on. Use the breaks to make sure both teams are being challenged, be friends on the side lines not opposition and think about the development of all the children in your care.
I can’t stress enough that the result doesn’t matter and development is the most important. This is the culture we are trying to promote to make sure the children’s experience is a positive one.
Also just a reminder results are never posted so scores mean nothing but for children doing their best means everything.

Hopefully you are using the resources sent out to you. We are in the process of creating a group on HIVE which will help you with liaising with each other and posting questions that you can get answers from you piers.
This will also have videos and demonstrations of many different sessions. This will be a good tool and is an APP you can use on you mobile phone, so you can plan sessions on the move.

The league this year has allotted to it time for an FA Coach mentor to work with the league on development of the football.
I am pleased to say that Kevin Finnerty has been given the time to act as our mentor. For any of you at the U7 / U8 induction day, Kevin was present.
It’s our first attempt at this subject area so please give us your support, it’s not a big red carpet event so nothing special required from anyone other than to positively engage with Kevin.
Please give Kevin your support and let’s see how this new venture the league is embarking on moves forward.

Enjoy your matches and remember we are always here to help and support you through your journey.

Jonathan Nurse
SYL Coaching Officer

FA Respect awards given to the Surrey youth league