SYL League format 2012/3

I will re-iterate last night's words, we have tried to position teams, especially at the younger age groups in Divisions where we think fair competition will take place.

For new clubs we have attempted to get you standards at the right level but in some cases the upper divisions are full up and we have no teams wanting to move down, so maybe we have not matched your expectations.

There has been a lot of research put into this, so we will generally have a reason for doing what we have done, but sometimes there may have been an error. If you believe there is an error then please ensure that YOU (NOT YOUR MANAGERS) send in an appeal to both myself and Frank stating on what grounds you believe an error has been made. Reasons of "I have signed a couple of Premier Elite Players, or the Manager has just got his level 1 badge" really do not carry any weight at all, thought out rationale is required.

 We will get requests and inevitable withdrawals over the coming weeks, so things will change, however we will not re-issue another format again until w/b 2nd July, once we have tried to work through the inevitable requests for up's and down's, please be patient. Our decisions will be based on what we believe is a Child Centred approach.

. Graham Ekins SYL Chairman